Coding Camps

Coding Camps are a great opportunity for your child to benefit from a week of intensive, rewarding and personalised learning in coding and possible karate (if they so choose) at advanced and junior levels. Regardless of their existing skills, be they a complete beginner, a coding dojo or black belt, our personalised approach will ensure that they develop and enhance their abilities in computational thinking, simple problem solving while keeping fit with either the physical coding games or karate. A great balance of not only mastering coding and self-defence, but a perfect way to promote physical activities when using technology. 
Through a combination of fun activities, unique specially devised coding projects and unplugged games, each coding camp aims to provide each student with the skills, tools, and confidence to release their coding/karate potential.
(student) 8 : 1 (instructor)
Screen Time
2 hours maximum a day. 
(as recommended by the paediatric association)
Each Day 
        1. Coding projects ( 1h screen time) 
        2. Unplugged activities (non-screen time)
        3. Physical games  (non-screen time)
        4. Fun coding free-time (1h screen time) 

All prof
its go back into the club to buy new equipment. 
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