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Operating Rules


The APEEF Clubs are organised and managed by volunteer parents within the Parents’ Association. The clubs have thus received a stamp of approval from the School. 

1. The APEEF insurance is compulsory for each child. 

2. The club fee must be paid before the first session of each semester. 

3. Parents/guardians must have read and understood the rules regarding adult accompaniment and the way the Clubs function AND must have explained them to their child(ren). 

4. Parents agree to comply with the instructions given by the Club organiser and not to take initiatives without prior communication with the Club organiser. 

5. The children of a Club must not be driven to a Club session, even in bad weather. 

6. Parents who wish to let their children go home without being accompanied at the end of a Club session must inform the Club organiser. This must be in writing, signed by both parents (email is fine). 

7. The parents of children signed-up for a Club (or the adult who has been informed and briefed about accompanying and looking after all the children registered in the Club) agree to make themselves available to fill their rota duty as instructed by the Club organiser, and to act responsibly towards all the Club’s children. 

8. Each Club session finishes at a precise time and parents/carers are expected to be punctual. 

9. Any child found to disrupt the course of Club sessions will receive a warning and risks being excluded without being reimbursed. 

10. The APEEF reserves the right to refuse registering a child for a Club if Club rules aren’t followed in regard to discipline, parents’ participation, or punctuality. 

11. Should a child decide to stop attending the club during the semester, no money can be refunded. 


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