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Sport, Art and much more!

The after-school clubs are extra-curricular activities for the school’s children, created and managed by volunteer parents within the APEEF. The instructors are qualified professionals.

At the end of the school day,
the children attending clubs are supervised and accompanied by parents.

The clubs do not act as a nursery. They do require motivation and a minimum of discipline.

The APEEF does not make any profit from the Clubs. They pay their own way: how much you pay per participant depends on how many have signed up. To be created or renewed, each club usually needs between 9 and 12 children. The subscription must be paid twice a year, in October and February.

The clubs can only continue to exist through the goodwill of each parent whose child or children have signed up to clubs, according to a rota established by the club organiser at the beginning of each semester. We therefore ask that you make the necessary arrangements to ensure your presence when it is your turn to accompany the club, and to collect your child(ren) on time at the end of the session.

Ballet classes starting at MMS level are run independently from the APEEF. They are organised by La Sylvaine. Please contact Clotilde Bortz directly on lasylvaineschool@aol.com or 0750 619 3994.
Bozart Classes starting at CE1 level are also run independently from the APEEF. They are organised by Sofy Casado and Kevin Stora-Margry. Please contact Sofy at bozartclub@googlemail.com, or Kevin on  kmargry@gmail.com

This year the APEEF plans to offer and manage a great range of clubs:

NOTE: The school is not responsible for the clubs or for the children’s safety during these activities.

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