Conference Best of Parenting by Carole and Nadim Saad

12 Oct 2016

Would you like to:
Get your children to cooperate and save one hour a day?
Make Parenting more fun and enjoyable?
Help your children become happy, fulfilled and self-reliant adults?

Carole and Nadim are authors of the highly acclaimed Kids Don’t Come With a Manual – The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life. Drawing on their experience in early childhood education, as Parenting Coaches, and as parents of three, Carole and Nadim have helped thousands of parents with their programme of practical parenting techniques designed to empower parents by giving them more effective alternatives to nagging, yelling, threatening, rewarding, punishing or giving in.
During this one-hour session, Carole and Nadim will share the perspective of a couple who have opposing parenting styles and couldn’t agree on how to parent. They will explain the reasons why children go into ‘opposition mode’ and will share some highly effective parenting techniques to increase your children’s cooperation and help you save up to one hour a day, whatever your parenting style.
Carole is a Montessori trained teacher, an NLP practitioner and a Relationship Coach. She has more than 14 years of experience teaching young children and working with parents. Nadim is a serial entrepreneur, a Relationship ch and has an MBA from INSEAD. 
Together, they launched to provide a range of services tailored to parents’ individual needs, including parenting courses, private coaching sessions and a troubleshooting app.
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